Amazon sells electric kettles.

2021-11-24 06:03:42 By : Mr. Xinguang Dong

AmazonCommercial Stainless Steel Electric Gooseneck Water Bottle-$23.11

I can admit my past as a defender of the teapot. In fact, I put the blame on capitalism because it made me think that wasting time waiting for the water to boil would make me a more cautious consumer. Then I bought an electric kettle and everything changed. To simulate a teapot, I invite you to consider this AmazonCommercial stainless steel electric gooseneck kettle. 

This compact brushed metal electric kettle can provide you with the superhuman power to boil water in a few minutes. It can hold 1 liter of water for instant soup, French press coffee or hot chocolate without waiting for the boiling water on the stove.

I like the gooseneck spout because it provides an extra level of control, not to mention the detachable vent cover, which can be disposed of once you have had enough. Simple one-button control can significantly reduce your water boiling program, while the cool plastic handle ensures you are protected from burns. 

The choice is yours: wait for the water to boil like a 19th-century British newsboy, and turn it around in the cold morning, or use this AmazonCommercial stainless steel gooseneck electric kettle for $23.11 (also black, priced at $29.99) ). 

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