Buy the exquisite Le Creuset water bottle for $40 (the lowest price in history)-CNET

2021-11-24 06:16:11 By : Ms. Amy Hsu

This classic French teapot will be a great gift, and it has never been so cheap.

If you are looking for an absolute gift for tea drinkers, then the charming Le Creuset 1.6-quart white oolong teapot is currently reduced to $40 at Macy’s. This is $82 lower than the list price and is the most cost-effective deal you can find on this very courteous fancy French water bottle.

The oolong pot is made of sturdy carbon steel and is decorated with an enamel finish. It can be used for any heat source: gas, electricity, halogen, induction. This is a clearance sale, so it is not clear how much inventory is left. Please note that it was out of stock before, but now it seems to be back.

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