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By Kelsey Sablan, Staff Writer| September 7, 2022

Hale Pohaku is one of four residence halls at Chaminade University available to first-year students.

College campuses are back in full swing as the fall semester starts, which means students have moved into the residence halls. First-year students make the mistake of buying too much or not enough for their dorm rooms. When I was moving in for the first time, I made the same embarrassing mistake, although mine was in the form of four pillows and three blankets. When I became a resident assistant (RA), I was able to see several rooms from underclassmen and upperclassmen, and I have learned many lessons since. 

From a seasoned veteran living at Chaminade, here are seven must-have items when living in the residence halls here: 

Storage Items Say hello to your newest friends: baskets, bins, and containers. It’s important to keep your belongings organized — nobody likes a messy room or roommate. Baskets and bins are good for organizing clothes, towels, food, etc. Room aesthetics are the trend, and these items complete the aesthetic. Invest in storage containers to store your belongings. They are more expensive than boxes, but they are durable. Target has a variety of options for storage that range from $1 to $20. 

Fans There’s nothing cooler than a room with four fans. Living in Chaminade’s residence halls can be difficult in the island heat since the residence halls lack air conditioning systems. Standing tower fans are recommended in order for the air to reach above a bed. It’s a struggle being the resident with one fan on your desk. Forbes created a list of the top brands for tower fans. 

Cough/Flu Medicine Resident halls, in general, are filthy. Students live with strangers, which means students can get sick. Keeping a few medicines nearby can help prevent or control. Emergen-C, a mix-in powder that helps with increasing immunity and vitamin C, is highly recommended. Other than that, get some tea or other over-the-counter medicines. You can find any medicines at Long Drugs, Target, Walmart, or more. 

Electric Water Kettle College students are broke and lazy but always hungry. An electric water kettle is convenient to make microwavable ramen bowls or making a nice cup of tea to help you relax. At Chaminade, most halls have a community kitchen, but if a student is in a time crunch, the water kettle will be the most helpful. It is also easy to maintain a water kettle. These water kettles can be found at Target, Walmart, and Amazon. 

Surge Protectors Dorms are teeny, and usually lack enough wall outlets. A surge protector will benefit the space especially if there are multiple electronic devices you need to plug in. Surge protectors can extend the length of the outlets, which could be helpful for rearranging the room. Surge protectors with USB-A connectors or ones that are flat are lifesavers. It’s practical and cheap so there is no argument. Surge protectors can be found at Target or Walmart. 

Brita There is nothing better than clean, filtered water. A Brita is the most efficient, cost-effective option for residents to obtain clean water. A Brita comes in a variety of sizes and models. There are bottle versions and regular pitchers in different sizes. A common problem with Brita pitchers is that they do not fit in mini-fridges, but the solution is to purchase ice cube trays. Target is the go-to for Brita products, but it can be found at Walmart, too. 

Lamp It’s time to shine a little light on this article.  The lighting in the room can make or break how often a resident is in their room, and lighting in the residence halls is very limited. Some rooms include one light on the wall for the entire room. A good desk lamp or standing lamp is essential. Target has several options and models for lamps at a starting price of $8.

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