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2022-10-09 05:01:07 By : Ms. Alina Gao

Alibaba Cloud has been chosen by ViaEurope as a Trusted Cloud service provider for the implementation of management systems in Europe.While the United States and Sweden top the global innovation rankings, China is closing in on the top 10 innovative countriesThe C919, the first medium-haul aircraft made in China, has obtained its certification from Chinese regulators, misses those of WesternersSep 29, 2022 |Defence, SCI/TECHThe Chinese Air Force revealed the existence of a squadron only formed by its new attack machines, called GJ-2Sep 27, 2022 |Press releases, SCI/TECHAlibaba Cloud to invest $1 billion to support partner technology innovationAllied with Washington and NASA, the United Arab Emirates have concluded a space cooperation agreement with China.Sep 22, 2022 |Press releases, SCI/TECHThe Alibaba Cloud subsidiary announced its latest international strategic roadmap during the Alibaba Cloud Summit 2022.Sep 22, 2022 |Asia/Pacific, SCI/TECHTo accelerate digital transformation in Asia-Pacific, Huawei Cloud has put forward three initiatives: Act, Adopt, CultivateThe Space Administration has released scientific research results from its first Mars exploration mission.Bama Tea, a recognized brand associated with Tieguanyin tea, was founded by Wang Wenli, a 13th generation Tieguanyin tea heir.China has revealed a set of draft revisions to the country's cybersecurity law to solicit public opinion.Sep 12, 2022 |Press Releases, Space, SCI/TECHAfrican teenagers had the opportunity to ask three questions to the taikonauts by videoconference on September 6Sep 12, 2022 |Press releases, SCI/TECHObjective: To improve the system for mobilizing resources at the national level for the R&D of basic technologiesUS move undermines stability of global industrial and supply chainsAutomakers must apply for licenses to collect geographic data on their smart vehicles.Aug 25, 2022 |Press releases, SCI/TECHWujian 600 platform helps reduce development costs and shorten the chip design cycleSmart China Expo (SCE) 2022 was held in Chongqing Municipality, southwest China, from August 22 to 24.Chinese digital giants including Tencent, Alibaba and ByteDance have handed over details of their algorithms to authorities.“China should cautiously adopt self-driving vehicles in passenger transport,” the transport ministry said.Aug 8, 2022 |Press releases, SCI/TECHDigital technology is marked with the development of economy, according to experts from Jiangbeizui New Financial Summit 2022Rapid advances in stealth technologies are increasing due to military spending by many countriesChinese scientists have discovered nine unevolved stars rich in lithium, thanks to China's largest optical telescope.China added a laboratory to its then-permanent orbiting space station and is set to complete the structure in the coming months.Jul 21, 2022 |Press Releases, SCI/TECHThe cloud is becoming a crucial part of industrial digital transformation, especially for Chinese giant HuaweiCentral Bank imposes $632,000 fine on Beijing Didi Payment Technology, the company's digital payments unitGlobalData noted that China is now seeking to lead the fourth: "the cyber-physical and AI-powered (AIoT) revolution."TikTok has announced that it has suspended the review of its privacy policy on targeted ads to Europe.China has decided to reduce the amount of space waste, by introducing a new concept a "sail trail".Designed by Elegant Themes |Powered by WordPress