TikTok is annoyed by this dorm noodle cooking skill

2021-11-24 06:26:18 By : Ms. Sarah Shang

You can find a lot of food secrets on TikTok, and they often come and go. No one is still making the air-fried pasta last summer, are they?

But an unconventional pasta cooking method exists on TikTok and does not require an air fryer. All you need is an indispensable electrical appliance in a dormitory or hotel room: an electric kettle. Generally, these kettles can be used to heat water for tea or coffee. However, if you cannot use the stove (think college students or hotel guests again), then the humble kettle can be used as a multifunctional hot meal machine.

Without searching hard, we found TikTok noodle pot videos from March 2020, February 2021, and November 1st. Knowing that a year on TikTok is like 1,000 years in a human life, the pasta pot hacker has a huge lifespan platform on video sharing.

This does not mean that everyone supports it. TikToker @brianasprinz annoyed some people with the kettle pasta. Their video was released on October 21 and has been viewed 5.4 million times.

In their viral spaghetti video, TikToker @brianasprinz put some ravioli in a jug filled with half water to try to crack the spaghetti jug. Their first mistake was to refer to the kettle as a "heated thing." Commenters from outside the United States were particularly annoyed by @brianasprinz for not referring to the kettle as a kettle. "Really, don't Americans have kettles?" one commenter asked.

More importantly, the fact that an American college student would even think of soiling their kettle with starch is incredible to some commentators. "Who is British here and is irritated?" TikTok user @the.crimson.widow asked. Another said, "I swear, Americans live on another planet." This is not a compliment.

TikToker @brianasprinz tried to use diplomacy against their foreign critics. They posted a response and apology video in the comments, one of which showed how they thoroughly cleaned the kettle after each pasta meal. In another response video, they decided to use their kettle according to the intentions of God and Europe: to make coffee.

Here you get the impression that @brianasprinz is deceiving their audience: they poured coffee grounds directly into the water in the kettle, and the coffee that came out was a bit crispy. It is mild to say that the reviewer is unhappy. One comment says it all: "We need another apology video."